December Update: Ending the Year on a Great Note

WildApricot Updates December 18, 2020

Shawn Klerer

By Shawn Klerer

We’ve almost made it through the year! As we’re counting down to 2021, let’s look at the resources and updates from December. This month's highlights include the launch of digital products, where you can offer digital content for sale and instant delivery, as well as Personify's acquisition of MemberClicks. Several new blogs were also published, including How the Senior Dining Association Grew Their Contact Database 501% Throughout COVID-19.


Also in this month's newsletter:  

  • Product Update: Digital Products and Other Updates 

  • Update from the Support Team  

  • 30 Free Nonprofit Webinars for January 2021  

  • The Amazing Referral Race  

  • Blog of the Month: How the Senior Dining Association Grew Their Contact Database 501% Throughout COVID-19 

  • Programs: Calling WildApricot Customers and Thought Leadership Experts 

  • Meet the Team: Miranda Tran, Web Designer   

  • Organization Spotlight: Green Umbrella 


Personify Acquires MemberClicks


PER_MC_Announcement_LI@2x (1)


We’re thrilled to welcome MemberClicks to the Personify family. Our combined solutions will enable associations and nonprofits of all sizes to deliver unparalleled experiences and more value to their members and communities.


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Product update

Digital products now available  


You can now offer digital content for sale and instant delivery with the new digital products, released in early December. It’s more important now than ever to have an online store, as people are getting their shopping done online. 


To use this feature in WildApricot, go to the Store menu, click the Products tab, and select Digital while adding the product. You can then specify your digital product set up and what format you want to use (I.e., a file or a link).  


To help you prepare and find inspiration for your inventory, have a look at this featured blog:  

5 Digital products to help grow your organization's revenue.


Read now


Other product updates: 

  • New email macros for digital products 

  • Online store filter added to email log 

  • Captcha replaced by reCAPTCHA 

  • New webhook notification types 

  • Bug fixes 


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Update from the Support Team

This month, we are sharing the answers to frequently asked support questions. 

How do I set the From and Reply-to email addresses? 


The email addresses used as the From and Reply-to addresses depend on the type of email being sent. 


 Email type

 From address

 Reply-to address

Automatic emails 

 The From email field on your Organization details screen 

 The Contact email field on your Organization details screen

Event emails 

 The From email field on your Organization details screen 

The event organizer which defaults to the Contact email field on   your Organization details screen 


 Manual   emails 

 (including  manual 
 invoice emails) 



The From email field on your Organization details screen  

The Reply to field on the Recipients tab of the email wizard, which defaults to the current administrator's email address  


You can change the Contact email address from your Organization details screen. You can only change the From email field if you are on a paid plan and have a custom domain set up. 


How do I set passwords for new members? 

When a member or other contact signs up for membership or an event at your WildApricot site, an email is automatically sent to them with their password and other login information. 


Password emails are not automatically sent by the system when you import or manually add a member or contact.  

You can generate and email a new password to a contact by clicking the Email new password button from the Contact details tab on their contact record.  



For more information, see Passwords


Why are non-member contacts able to log in? 

Non-member contacts are sent login information if they register for an event, make a donation, or purchase a product from your online store. They need to be able to log in so that they can view or cancel registrations, view or pay outstanding invoices, manage recurring donations, and update their email and privacy settings. 



30 Free Nonprofit Webinars for January 2021


Here are 30 free webinars that the internet has to offer to help you: 

  • Raise funds for your organization online  

  • Make the most of your nonprofit website  

  • Recruit and engage volunteers using social media  

  • Improve your organization’s budgeting process  

  • And much more 


See what's coming up



The Amazing REFERRAL Race



There are still a few days left. 


If you’re a current WildApricot customer on free or paid plan, here’s still some time left to enter our amazing referral race! 


Until Dec 31st, 2020, every new WildApricot customer who signs up using your personal referral link, receives one free month off their subscription (up to $600 value), AND you may earn up to $1,440 for each referral.


We are also giving away $1,000 in Amazon gift cards to the top 3 finalists AND three additional prizes will be given away at random to anyone who refers at least 1 customer: 


  • 1st place: $500 gift card 

  • 2nd place: $250 gift card 

  • 3rd place: $100 gift card 

  • 3x $50 gift cards awarded randomly 


How to Find & Share Your Personal Referral Link

After logging into your WildApricot account, you can find your link in two places: 

1) On the right side of the main Dashboard > Overview page 



2) On the Dashboard > Referrals page 



Just copy your link and share it with anyone in your network who you think would benefit from WildApricot. If after their free trial they sign up and become a paying customer, you both win! 

May the best Apricot win! 



Blog of the Month

How the Senior Dining Association Grew Their Contact Database 501% Throughout COVID-19 



Discover how the Senior Dining Association was able to grow their contacts just over 500% between 2019 and 2020, as well as what your organization can do to capitalize on what they learned. 


Read the full blog


Also, on the blog this month: 




Calling WildApricot Customers and Thought Leadership Experts 




Are you a thought leader in your space or have you got a great story about growing your membership with WildApricot? If so, we would love to hear from you. In 2021, we want to continue providing you with great insights and stories from your peers and in order to do so, we need your help. Email our Programs Manager for the opportunity to collaborate with WildApricot and have you and your organization showcased on our platform. 


Email Alexandra Morgan at



Meet the Team

Miranda Tran, Web Designer  



Hey there, my name is Miranda and I’m the Web Designer at WildApricot. I create designs for our website and run lots of A/B tests to create a better user experience for everyone. I also design downloadable assets such as our research reports — if you’ve downloaded the The Virtual Events Research Report for Membership Organizations, then you have seen some of my design work! 


I’ve been with WildApricot a little over a year and a half and the best part about working here are the supportive and genuine people. The people here have helped me grow personally and professionally and I’m continually growing in my role at WildApricot. I love that I can apply my skills and help all of you have a smooth and enjoyable experience on our website. 


When I’m not designing for WildApricot, I am designing posts for my Instagram account, enjoying the slopes on my snowboard, and playing with my 9-week-old puppy. 




Organization Spotlight

This month, our featured organization is: 

Green Umbrella



Green Umbrella is the regional sustainability alliance of Greater Cincinnati, with over 200 member organizations and over 200 individual members passionate about enhancing the environmental health and vitality of the Cincinnati region.  


What makes their website awesome

Inspiring, green, clean, and crisp. Green Umbrella’s website is simple yet full of content, including an inspiring video on the homepage to educate visitors about the organization and its mission. The organization also makes good use of the slideshow gadget to feature various initiatives and upcoming events. 


Website theme: Blueprint Industrial Park


Visit the website  

The Membership Growth Report:

Benchmarks & Insights for Growing Revenue and Constituents

Get the report now!

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